Learn To Promote Your Business Effectively

learn to promote your own business

You might feel like you’re throwing darts in the dark when it comes to promoting your company, but don’t worry! With a little guidance and some of these tried-and-true strategies, you’ll be hitting bulls eyes before long. Let’s get to know how you can boost your newly started business. Create Unique Brand Image To Stand […]

Are You A Sales Hunter, Farmer, Or Trapper: Know It Here!

Are You A Sales Hunter, Farmer, Or Trapper: Know It Here!

Do you like to prospect for new business, or do you focus on the clients you currently have? Or would you rather apply a value-centered marketing approach so people see it as a resource and approach whenever they need further assistance? Digitally Global, introspect the three basic sales personas in this article. How you approach […]

Understanding The Difference Between SEO And PPC

Understanding difference between SEO and PPC

“Creating a great product is not enough. You also need an excellent marketing strategy!” Similar to you, many businesses face the same dilemma of how they can advertise their products to customers. This is usually a choice between two marketing strategies: search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Which is the best approach for […]

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing: Can Both Be Used?

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

The debate between traditional and digital marketing is a longstanding battle. Do you want to go with the tried-and-true methods of days gone by or do you want to take your chances on newfangled technology? Try both, see what works for your company’s needs! Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing refers to any type of advertising that […]

10 Habits Of Great Marketers

10 Habits Of Great Marketers

Marketing is an art. The life of a marketer would be easy if they could just do three things and stop; but we have to keep on top of so many different areas like campaigns, goals, budgets, and priorities. We work hard – constantly creative- thinking up new ideas for our clients daily! Despite the […]

Learn Everything About Scheduling Instagram Posts

Learn Everything About Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram is a great platform to generate engagement, brand awareness, and referral traffic. However, it can be hard for you or your team members if they are constantly on their phones posting at the exact time of day that maximizes audience engagement. You may also have other things going on throughout the workday that need […]

Professional Tips To Run a Successful Business

Professional Tips To Run a Successful Business

It’s safe to say that anyone can start a business. All you have to do is fill out some paperwork, get the necessary permits or licenses and offer up a good product or service; it doesn’t take much effort at all! But running a successful clean business – That requires an entirely different set of […]

6 Types Of Modern Day Sales Pitch To Understand & Learn From


A sales pitch should be quick, to the point and attention-grabbing. A successful one will keep your audience in mind while focusing on what you have for them or want from them. Learn from our experts at Digitally Global, about the different types of a sales pitches. What Is a Sales Pitch? A sales pitch […]

6 Reasons You Need a Business Plan

6 reason-business-plan

Starting a business can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting and rewarding task. It’s possible to get stuck in the whirlwind of things you’ll need to do like registering your company or building a team; not even mentioning impossible advertising. However, don’t forget that there are remedies for this: creating a plan will help […]